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Frequently asked questions about Wink scrubs products

How do I determine the best size of scrubs for me?

On each product page there is a link that walks you through a series of questions to provide you with a recommendation of the best possible fit for...

Do you have petite and tall sizes?

Yes. Length option details are provided if it is offered for a specific product. You can also filter to only show items that offer a specific length.

Do you carry maternity scrubs?

Yes. W123 and WONDERWORK collections feature maternity styles. Check all of our Maternity styles and colors out here!

Why don't the top and pant I purchased match exactly? They said they were the same color on the site.

If the items you purchased are the same fabric and the color codes are the same, the colors should match perfectly. If the fabric is different, there...

What are the care instructions for your scrubs?

Our care instructions will vary per product and can be found in each products detail section. For more specific instructions, please refer to the...

What materials are your scrubs made from?

Wink scrubs use a variety of fabric combinations. Please see product details for exact fabric content and wash instructions...

What is your warranty policy?

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with our product. Email us at [email protected] describing your complaint. Be sure to...