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What if my order is missing an item?Updated a year ago

What if my order is missing an item?

Oh no! We are sorry to hear this. Use the following steps to reach out to us:

  1. Go to our Returns Portal and enter your order number and shipping zip code to pull up the order.
  2. If the item has shipped it will show in your list of items eligible for "return"
  3. Click on the item you are missing
  4. Choose "Missing Items I was charged for" as the return reason and follow the prompts from there
  5. Click the "Continue with return" button at the bottom of the screen
  6. Click Submit return

An agent will be in touch with you shortly with questions on how to proceed. Generally, we will place a $0 order in your account for the missing item(s) once we verify the item isn't just still in transit, unless you would rather have your money back.

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